• Вибриращо яйце с уникален дизайн

Вибриращо яйце с уникален дизайн | FeelzToys

Вибриращо яйце с уникален дизайн. Размер: 15 см. Захранване: (в комплекта). Почистване: Измиване с гореща сапунена вода или препарат. Проникване: 2,5 см. до 12,7 см. Цвят: Лилав. Гъвкавост: Солиден. Управление: Вградено. Предназначение: За жени. Материал: Силикон.

Оригинално описание от производител на английски език:

Vibrating egg for clitoral stimulation, but also very stimulating for use by couples. Can be used on the entire body during foreplay. Make your partner wild with desire. The vibrator unit can be easily removed from the product. In addition, the vibrators batteries are exchangeable, which means you’ll have years of enjoyment with this product. Feelz Toys products are made of 100 percent medical grade, high quality silicone. This material is the best and safest material that can be utilised in erotic products. This very same material is already widely used in various other applications, such as in food service and in the health care industry. Silicone feels as soft as natural skin, warms quickly and stays warm longer than other materials. The material is odourless, flavourless, non porous and softener free. Furthermore, our products are all hypoallergenic, and are easy to clean with simple warm water and mild soap. Feelz Toys products are the most innovative, environmentally sustainable and safe erotic products currently available on the market. All our products are CE certified and meet all of the RoHS guidelines. Use only water based lubricants with Feelz Toys products. Do not use silicone based lubricants.

Гъвкавост - Солиден
Захранване - (в комплекта)
Материал - Силикон
Почистване - Измиване с гореща сапунена вода или препарат
Предназначение - За жени
Проникване - 2,5 см. до 12,7 см.
Размер - 15 см.
Управление - Вградено
Цвят - Лилав

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Вибриращо яйце с уникален дизайн

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